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When the original “Bugs” in the News website was created in the 1990’s, as www.bugsinthenews.com, it was intended to serve as a repository of information on bugs and animals found in Texas. Over the first few years, the information on that website was broadened to include more and more organisms, including botanicals. In 2009 we created a new website devoted strictly to animal life, and named it bugsinthenews.info, then, in 2010, we created this website, Buds In The News.info, and devoted it strictly to botanicals, or plant life.  As with bugsinthenews.info, this new website’s  geography–which was originally limited to Texas–has been broadened to include all of North America, plus those special herbs and botanicals that are not native to this continent but are often used and even grown here.

BudsInTheNews.Info used a new theme and format from the original BugsInTheNews.Com, and though that original theme was satisfactory for the time, it was not easy to navigate using smart phones and similar devices. Now, in April 2016, we have incorporated a new theme that is fully navigable by all devices on the market (email jerry.cates@entomobiotics.com if you have problems with any of your devices so we can address them).

The information provided here is constantly being updated. It is intended to cover each botanical in some degree of detail, in terms of biology, anatomy, appearance, habits, and other features of importance. This background detail is then bolstered with contemporary reports, supplied by viewers and contributors, regarding how these botanicals are impacting the environment, and the way the environment and the other organisms within it impact the particular botanical.

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